GAT DPF Cleaning Solution (1 Litre)

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TO BE USED WITH THE GAT DPF CLEANING GUN which can be found here:

GAT DPF Cleaning Liquid is a highly efficient cleaning combination for cleaning of dismantled diesel particulate filters. The cleaning solution is also great for cleaning out Catalytic converters and Petrol particulate filters. It also dissolves contaminations in the diesel particulate filter and regenerates its full functionality.

Advantages:Cleans the diesel particulate filter. Dissolves all particulate matter caused and contamination. Readily biodegradable. Provides a clear cost benefit compared to installation of a new diesel particulate filter.

This 1 litre bottle solution is diluted 50/50 with water. Each bottle can clean 2 to 3 vehicles (depending on how aggressive the clean needs to be)

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