Smart Body Repairs, Dent Removal & Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

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We are now able to offer smart body repairs, alloy wheel refurbishment and paintless dent removal. This can be done on site or at the comfort of your own home. We carry out minor damage repairs to all makes of cars and vans. Bumper scuffs, scratches, key damage, dents, full machine polishing and alloy wheel refurbishment. We complete end of lease and PCP repairs potentially saving you hundreds of pounds on costs when returning your car. We also carry out vehicle sign writing removal to cars and commercial vehicles. 

Why use a professional bodywork repair service?

With the dozens of bodywork hacks online and the seemingly ever-increasing cost of going to a professional, we can understand why you may want to just do the repair yourself. We strongly advise against doing this for a few key reasons. Simply put, a professional has indispensable experience to deliver the results you want without incurring more damage to your vehicle.

1.    Professional results

Using specialised skills, techniques and tools, we ensure that your vehicle is restored to showroom quality without causing any damage. Our expert colour matching means that your repair will be indistinguishable, truly restoring your vehicle to its former glory. Doing these repairs yourself may result in a less than desirable finish but you may also further damage your vehicle in the process meaning you still have to turn to a professional and possibly pay more than you would have originally. 


2.    Experience
Bodywork repairs are what we do day in and out. Our experience means that we can expertly assess the damage to your vehicle,  select and execute the right techniques with your vehicle’s make and model in mind. We can also assess if there is more serious damage that needs to be addressed to ensure your safety. As you will not have our experience of working on a range of vehicles, many like yours, you may select unsuitable techniques resulting in further damage to your vehicle and an inevitable call to us.


3.    Protect your car’s value
Having your vehicle professionally repaired also ensures that you safeguard the value of your vehicle. Any dents, scratches and scuffs come with the potential for rust damaging your car further. This could result in a lower selling price if you were ever to sell on your vehicle.

For All Enquiries please email: [email protected]


We do bodywork and alloy wheel repairs in the following locations: Reigate, Horsham, Horley, Crawley, Rusper and other nearby locations. Please feel free to contact us if your location is not listed

For All Enquiries please email: [email protected]