Rolling Road Dyno

At Surrey Tuning we have a state of the art ‘Maha’ 4 wheel drive rolling road dyno system.

This system allows us to to measure the vehicles power and torque for both stock and tuned vehicles. The dyno will also aid in our development of vehicles for customised remapping for stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 tuning.


What is Dyno Tuning?

The dyno accurately measures the vehicles horsepower, torque, engine knock and air-fuel mixture. With these figures to hand and amongst other logging techniques we are able to customise the engines performance to the customers needs, whether that be a straight forward stage 1 tune to added components such as downpipes and stage 3 or hybrid turbo set ups. There are several benefits of dyno tuning, they are but limited to, Improving horsepower, torque, drivability and efficency. All this done safely whilst improving the engines longetivity.

Benefits of Dyno Tuning

Boosting Horsepower & Torque

Go beyond a factory tune and improve the acceleration and power of your engine. We can bring your engine to its full capabilities while keeping it within legal limits. One key aspect of the tune is to ensure the correct air to fuel ratio to support the load on the engine.

Many of our clients are passionate about how their car performs and how it feels on the road. Dyno tuning allows us to personalize your luxury or exotic vehicle. We can match your driving style by adjusting the engine, steering, and transmission just how you like it.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Getting better mileage from your engine is essential, especially if you are getting your daily driver tuned. The dyno can help improve your fuel efficiency by maximizing the air to fuel ratio, helping you save money in the face of rising fuel prices.

Increase Engine Lifespan

Because a dyno optimizes your engine for performance, it no longer has to work as hard, meaning there is less wear and tear on it, extending the life of your engine.

Our Process: Consulation, Dyno Testing and Custom Tuning

The process starts with a consultation. It is essential to learn what you want from your vehicle and discuss the modifications you have, want or the power you are trying to achieve. Once we are aligned and have a clear plan of action we can then get the disclaimer signed and get your vehicle on the dyno. This is to see how everything is in its current form. We need to prepare it—this is a pivotal step in keeping your vehicle safe.

Before tuning, your car is health checked to the best of our ability to make sure that we are happy with the vehicle we are working with. Customers need to be sure that regular maintenance has been carried out and tyres have good tread depths and are at a satisfactory pressure.

We use a state-of-the-art Maha LPS3000 4 Wheel Drive Chassis Dynamometer to accurately measure over 1200 wheel horsepower and speeds up to 200 mph. You won’t find anything at this level anywhere else.

We never run tests on cold engines. The first run on the dyno is smooth and steady to bring things up to temperature. After that, we do a run to calculate the losses produced by friction in moving parts like the transmission and differential so that calculation can be factored in.

The dyno provides superior data acquisition ability, this will enable us to work out the vehicles limits based on the results from the dyno run.

Once we are happy with these results our in house coding experts will start to ammend the file which is stored on the vehicles engine control unit (ecu)

The vehicle may have several file changes and dyno tests in order to get the best results possible in order to reach the goals agreed in our consultation.

Once complete you will be handed a dyno sheet along with your invoice with the before and after print out of the dyno run to keep with your vehicles history.