DPF Cleaning Tool (Workshop)

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GAT DPF Air-Jet is a compressed air pistol for easy application of GAT Air-Jet Fluid (Art. No. 62030).

The application of DPF Air Jet Fluid with the DPF Air-Jet compressed-air pistol offers a professional, complete and long-lasting cleaning of the diesel particulate filter, quick and effective application without dismantling the DPF. Extremely cost effective and easy handling!

Observe instructions for use!

For Motor Trade Use ONLY

*Note* This kit no longer comes with the cleaning solution, the cleaning solution can be found here: https://surreytuning.com/product/gat-dpf-cleaning-solution-1-litre/

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Cleaning of the diesel particulate filter
Most of today‘s diesel engines are equipped with particulate filters (DPF). These filters reduce the soot particle pollution in the exhaust and of corse this is good for the environment. But with frequent short distances, traffic stocking or city traffic the requirements for an independent regeneration of the particulate filter system the exhaust gas temperatures are not always reached. The result is a clogging of the filter and error codes by the car electronic. Finally a high soot level will decrease the engine performance and without remedy results in engine stop. Often the particulate filters needs to be replaced by a new filter with high cost and time .

More fluid can be purchased here: DPF CLEANING SOLUTION



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