We are pleased to announce we have started doing  a carbon cleaning service for both petrol and diesel vehicles in Surrey and surrounding areas. Whilst we advise the carbon cleaning to be done whilst you have a remap or general maintenance we can do this as a standalone service.

If you are a little further afield, no problem we do offer mobile Carbon Cleaning in Kent, Surrey, London, Sutton, Wallington, Reigate, Epsom, Horsham, West Sussex, Dorking and many other areas.


What does the engine carbon clean do?

Answer- The carbon cleaner uses Hydrogen that passes through the intake system. As Hydrogen burns at a higher rate than fuel the engine will reach optimal temperature whilst at idle. While this cycle is in process, the hydrogen is splitting the carbon (carbon deposits) atom in half, so basically stripping the carbon from the internal walls of the engine and it’s components. This includes the combustion chambers, exhaust ports, catalytic converters, lambda sensors, inlet valves, fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulators, Turbos, EGR (exhaust gas recirculation valve) and DPF (diesel particulate filter)

The hydrogen´s higher burn temperature and explosive force is such that it cleans the soot that collects in the engine and with a cleaner engine you get better a performing vehicle, increased longevity of the engine and it’s components , a quieter engine, better fuel economy, better response, and additionally recovers lost BHP over the years.

Benefits tend to consist of the following:

 More Responsiveness

 Lowers Emissions

 Potential Fuel Savings

 Smoother Vehicle Performance

 Restored Power

 Enhanced Driving Experience

 Less Vibrations and smoother engine running

 Restored Torque

 Longer lasting engine components that fail due to carbon build up, such as the EGR, Turbo and even helps unblock diesel particulate filters

A carbon clean is a preventative service and whilst we recommend a carbon clean alongside your annual service, we also recommend for it to be completed when and where possible. The build-up of carbon is the result of a lot of engine, EGR and turbo failures. This is the main cause of breakdowns. If you take care of your car it takes care of you!

Suitable for both Petrol and Diesel a vehicle’s

Introductory offer of £79.99 – we can come to you. 

Alternatively with a remap or service this will be at a reduced price of £49.99