Surrey Tuning are the UK`s leading distributor of Active sound exhausts. We only deal with the three major proven brands, Maxhaust, Kufatec and iXSound. The active sound exhausts are suitable for most vehicles from 2009 onwards.

What is an Active Sound Exhaust and Sound booster?

The Active sound exhaust is a speaker which provides a deep engine tone, designed for diesel vehicles from 2009 onwards. This allows your vehicle to sound like a V6 or V8 without modifying your vehicles exhaust and making it illegal in the process. The modification to any diesel exhaust does not come close to what an active sound exhaust produces in terms of noise. The Active sound exhaust is pre programed with real V6/V8 sounds from performance vehicles, making the sound very realistic when installed on your diesel or hybrid vehicle.

How does the Active Sound Exhaust and Sound Booster Work?

On later vehicles our throttle is controlled digitally (fly by wire) to control how fast we go, gone are the days a mechanical throttle pedal. The Active Sound Exhaust and Sound Boosters control units pick up these digital signals just like a conventional diagnostic machine would do. The RPM signal is then translated by the control unit, read and turned into real time sound by the Active Sound Exhaust and Booster. As the process is digital all information read and converted are instant without any delays, providing accurate in app results and more importantly exceptional realistic sounds according to the speed of your engine.

Are these units easy to fit?

Whilst we find these units relatively simple to fit, the non technical user can find this to be quite daunting. We encourage all customers to have the Active Sound Exhaust fitted by a professional as all wiring, mounting points and connections are all different depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Being installed by a professional who is VAT registered also keeps your warranty. If you are in London or Surrey, we can fit your Active Sound Exhaust or Sound Booster to most vehicles, please email us to enquire on pricing.

Active sound booster and active sound exhausts are availble for Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Porsche, Honda, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Landrover, Lexus, Toyota, Tesla, Skoda and many more.



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