Forge Twintercooler for A3 8P 2.0TFSI

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Forge Twintercooler for A3 8P 2.0TFSI


Forge Twintercooler for A3 8P 2.0TFSI

For the new 2.0 L FSIT engines there is one sure way to improve on the charge air cooling by using the Forge “TWINtercooler” this ground breaking innovation features our unique twin-core design which has added greater efficiency throughout the entire RPM band beyond that of a single core setup
We have achieved this by using the latest core technology with high flow end tank designs to achieve a huge reduction in inlet temperatures.

We spent many months testing various designs and the Twintercooler design emerged as the clear winner. This is a bolt-on kit that retains the use of the OEM intercooler to produce both horsepower AND torque, but more importantly, a HUGE reduction in inlet temperatures and increased flow efficiency.

A reduction in temps of up to a peak of 20 degrees Fahrenheit from 102 to 82 at 6600 RPM!This large reduction in inlet temperatures clearly shows this intercoolers ability. Once again we have a Forge product that truly is Engineered for performance.


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