Surrey Tuning has many years’ experience providing tuning and remapping solutions for both cars and vans whether it be a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Rest assured that the software we use on your vehicle is a reflection on us as a company, therefore we only use high quality software which has gone through many hours of research and development.

Every remap booked with us will go through a health check to make sure that to the best of our knowledge your vehicle will be suitable to remap. If there are any faults present with either drive train or engine, they could potentially cause a negative impact in the vehicle’s performance, this will undoubtedly be highlighted even more so after a remap has taken place. Once we are satisfied the vehicle is in good health, we then proceed with the remap, once this has been done, we then test and log the vehicle to make sure it is performing as it should.

When you book your vehicle in with Surrey Tuning, we will go through the options as to how we can tailor the map to your needs and/or specifications. We can customise the remap for the following:

  • EGR Delete
  • Speed Limit Removal
  • DPF Delete (Track Use Only)
  • Hard Cut Limiters
  • DSG Remapping

Other tuning we offer which can also include the above are:

Economy Remapping

Perfect for delivering improved economy in turbo diesel engines, Surrey Tuning Eco remapping recharacterises the torque limits on your engine so that you’ll enjoy better performance and economy at lower RPMs. When you move up into higher RPMs, the software will gently encourage going up through the gears, making sure the engine is always running within its optimal window.

Surrey Tuning eco remapping is often selected by fleet operators, as these small tweaks to fuel economy can have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line.

Blended Performance Remapping

We’ve mixed up the best levels of power and economy in our mid-range package, and that’s probably why it’s the most popular choice. We will remove certain restrictions on the engine, really opening up your vehicle’s power and torque ranges. We take a close look at parameters related to burn time and in-cylinder pressures to deliver a much more enjoyable driving experience and improved fuel economy.

Surrey Tuning`s blended performance remaps remain our best-selling remapping option, offering the best balance of power and fuel economy for pretty much any turbo diesel or petrol engine.

Performance Remapping

What’s hiding under that bonnet? With Surrey Tuning Performance you’ll discover your vehicle’s true potential, as we expertly tweak the ECU parameters according to specific information you give us. Extra power and torque will be unleashed so that you can move heavier loads, experience optimised acceleration, or simply enjoy a vastly improved driving experience, every single day.

Surrey Tunings Performance remapping is suitable for installation on both petrol and diesel vehicles.

So Why Should I Remap My Vehicle?

Every single modern car is built with an engine control unit (ECU). It’s a bit like a brain, in that it controls every element of the vehicle: how it runs, how it handles and how much enjoyment you, its owner, gets out of every journey.

Fine-tuning Your Vehicles ‘Brain’

But why remap the ECU if it’s generated by the manufacturer? Sure, it’s reliable and it’s gone through all sorts of quality control, but it’s ‘one size fits all’. When a manufacturer releases a new vehicle to market, it’s got to cope with a whole host of different environments, uses and operating conditions. So, the manufacturer will release the vehicle with a fairly generic ECU that’s built to cope with unpredictable variables such as sub-standard fuels, irregular servicing, various emission laws and plenty more.

By tuning up individual characteristics of your vehicle in accordance with how you drive it, we’re able to unleash its full potential in a completely safe manner, meaning you get the best out of your vehicle in a way that’s custom made for you.

The Benefits of ECU Mapping

As well as improving fuel efficiency and performance, a professional remapping service will help to sharpen your vehicle’s throttle response and widen its power band. This all translates to a far livelier vehicle – one which responds with agility and flexibility. Who knows what kind of power is hidden beneath the duty-bound manufacturer’s ECU?

Here are Surrey Tuning we are so confident of our service that we offer a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee, all you would need to do is contact us within 14 days of payment so that we can rebook you back in to return your vehicle to its manufacturers settings.

Speak to us today to see what potential we can unlock on your vehicle.


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