Tuning File Service

Surrey Tuning work with many tuning companies around the world, supplying calibrated files for both cars and vans.

Already a Master user or slaved to another company?

If you are a master user or slaved to somone else and want to use our services, please email us to see how we can help you.

Interested in becoming a dealer?

Our dealer package is perfect for existing garages who want to increase their revenue stream by offering remapping services to their customers. All tuning equipment will be provided by us to enable you to tune majority of the vehicles on the market, full training will be provided in order for you to be comfortable with the tools and be able to read and write an ecu unaided.

As a tuning agent of Surrey Tuning you will get the following:

  • Competitive pricing on tuning files
  • World class tuning files
  • Full training & Technical support
  • Flexible working hours (including weekends)
  • Fast turnaround time

What you will need

  • A modern laptop running at least windows 7, which has usb ports and has an acceptable battery life
  • A stable internet connection as most tuning tools now require internet to be used. If you are mobile than a mobile device capable of tethering.
  • A battery stabiliser in order to maintain the vehicles voltage whilst reading/writing to an ecu. A trickle charger will NOT suffice.
  • Diagnostic equipment – this is to carry out fault code reading and to log vehicles data
  • Experience in the motor trade or have a high understanding of how vehicles work.

Some of the Tuning equipment we supply:

  • Alientech Kess 3
  • Magic Motorsport Flex
  • CMD
  • Bflash
  • Autotuner
DSG Tuning Service