Racingline Performance Magnetic Drain/Fill Plug Set For Haldex Gen 2 / 4 / 5


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Racingline Performance Magnetic Drain/Fill Plug Set for Haldex Gen 2 / 4 / 5

We’ve all seen the sludge that builds up around the Haldex’s pump’s oil strainer. This sludge forms from a nasty mix of oil, worn friction material and minute ferrous particles. Pretty quickly, this clogs the surface of the Haldex filter, blocking the flow of oil to the pump.
Many owners have experienced their Haldex AWD car slowly becoming FWD as this filter blocks up.
The new RacingLine Magnetic Haldex Plug attracts and separates out these minute abrasive and ferrous metal particles, stopping them circulating around the Haldex’s lubrication systems and reducing the sludge that blocks the filter between services.
Install couldn’t be simpler. Screw in the two new plugs at the next Haldex service, and you’ve got extra protection.

What’s in the Kit?
Magnetic Haldex Oil Drain Plug
Non-Magnetic Haldex Oil Filler Plug
10x washers (enough for 5x Haldex Services)




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