Racingline Performance Front Suspension Bush And Anti-Lift Kit


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Included in the kit:

Front Wishbone Front Bushes
Front Wishbone Rear Bushe Anti-lift kit (Also Known as Console Bushes)


The MacPherson strut front suspension layouton the VWG ‘A5’ platform cars (such as Golf 5, 6, Scirocco, A3, S3, Leon, Octavia) is a common design. Although it is a popular choice for manufacturers, due to its simplicity and low manufacturing cost, the standard design has a few disadvantageswhen it comes to high-performance applications.

Firstly, there is almost zero freedomto adjust staticcamber, caster orroll-center geometry which as we know from our race programme is absolutely critical for handling on the VWG A5-platform cars.

The otherdrawback for high-performance use is that as this layouttends to transmit noise and vibration from the road directly into the body shell, manufacturers have to add extra noise reduction and isolation mechanisms. In other words, plenty of movement in the original factory soft rubber bushing controlling the lower control arm.