Powerflex Lower Dogbone Mount Insert Kit – PFF85-504 / PFF85-704


Condition: New
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quickcode: PFLEX-PFF85-504#/704#
brands: Powerflex
part: Engine
SubPart: Engine Mounts
SubPart: Bushes
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A lower engine mount bush insert can be one of the most rewarding yet cheapest upgrades you can do to your car. These really help to reduce transmission slop (often felt when going on and off the throttle) by minimising lateral engine movement giving you a much more direct feeling!
Many exhaust manufacturers also advise these as a necessary upgrade when fitting a performance downpipe.

For Diesel engine models use PFF85-#04R
For Petrol engine models use PFF85-#04
For Track use Petrol cars use PFF85-#04P

– Please note these are an upgrade, some additional vibration may be felt.
– If you are unsure which type you need, The image below may help you to identify– CLICK FOR IMAGE –