KW Street Comfort Coilovers – VW Golf Mk5

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With the individual height adjustable KW street comfort coilover kit a lowering of 10-40 mm can be realized, depending on the vehicle.

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KW Street Comfort Coilovers – VW Golf (1K)

Lowering Levels: 
Front: 20-40mm
Rear: 20-40mm

GTI & R32 Lowering Levels: 
Front: 0-20mm
Rear: 0-10mm
Front & rear axle weights can be found on the VIN plate which is normally found under the bonnet on one of the inner wings or behind the passenger door on the b-pillar.

Is your sport suspension kit is too hard for you? Do you want a sporty yet dynamic suspension while retaining ride comfort? With street comfort suspension KW offers you the solution, you can create that sportive look while keeping as much comfort as possible. Long trips on the highway will be a pleasure; fun can be had on county roads.

KW Street Comfort – The Most Individual Sport Suspension With Maximum Comfort

With the individual height adjustable KW street comfort coilover kit a lowering of 10-40 mm can be realized, depending on the vehicle. This way the customer has the flexibility to improve the look, with consideration of bigger wheels and tires. At the same time the lowering has a positive effect on the driving dynamics and road contact. With discreet but effective lowering more spring travel will be left to combine a comfortable spring with harmonic damper, this way the best driving comfort is guaranteed. With this product KW offers the perfect compromise of driving dynamic and driving comfort.

  • Maximum driving comfort for a perfect performance and more driving pleasure
  • Guarantees more comfort, flexibility and sportive as regular OE sport suspensions
  • Comfortable adjustment
  • Better handling due to less body roll
  • With TUUåV tested adjustment range for a individual lowering of 10 to 40 mm
  • Trapezoid thread for a easy height adjustability
  • High quality damper components for a long durability
  • Adjustable rebound damping
  • Complete delivery content inclusive detailed documentation for a easy use

Rebound Damping

As far as it is technically possible the rebound damping is carried out integrally via an adjustable spindle at the end of the piston rod. In the first lie, the rebound damping controls car body vibrations, but also influences handling and comfort in the low-speed damping range.

With the rebound damping, the car can be adjusted to the requirements of the driver, from a comfortable rolling motion to sporty tension with an improved connection to the road.


2WD – 50mm – upto 1035kg (18010080), 2WD – 50mm – 1036-1105kg (18010069), 2WD – 50mm – 1106-1170kg (18010070), 2WD – 55mm – upto 1035kg (18010050), 2WD – 55mm – 1036-1105kg (18010039), 2WD – 55mm – 1106-1170kg (18010040), GT Only – upto 1035kg (18010050), GT Only – 1036-1105kg (18010039), GTI Only – Manual Gearbox (18010039), GTI Only – DSG Gearbox (18010040), 4WD All Excluding Estate – upto 1105kg (18010039), 4WD All Excluding Estate – 1106-1170kg (18010040), R32 Only (18010040)


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