KW DDC W-LAN Module & App Control

£272.00 inc. vat

Optional App control for real time suspension adjustment via iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.


KW DDC W-LAN Module & App Control¬†Only for use with KW DDC Coilover Kits (Not “Plug & Play” Kits)

Optional App control for real time suspension adjustment via iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Experience the latest technology “Made in Germany”: the KW DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) coilovers with ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The coilovers with its electronically controlled dampers enable an intelligent suspension setup via App-control. Currently available for numerous vehicles without factory adaptive suspension.

This allows you to upgrade your car with an adaptive damper control and to have the option to adjust via the KW DDC App to suit your driving style. You do not need any tools or to physically adjust the dampers.

The free KW DDC KW App in combination with our optional W-LAN module will allow you to customize your own damper setup instantaneously.

In the BASIC menu, the damper setups “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport+” can be selected. The DDC button provides the same options rotating through the 3 preset dampening settings. The button changes color to reflect the dampening setting selected.

In ADVANCED menu, the current state of the damping force is displayed in real time. The damper setup can be adjusted through a fine adjustment of (+/-1%) or in single steps of (+/-10%). The adjustments independent front to rear.

In the PERSONAL menu, up to five custom programmed damper settings can be stored and opened at any time. Anyone who wants to, can share his setups with friends via E-mail.

In the menu SETTINGS, the design of the App can be personalized. Therefore different backgrounds can be chosen, as well activating/deactivating the startup logo.


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