Forge Valve Small Spring Tuning Kit


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quickcode: FOR-FMTVTUN
brands: Forge Motorsport
part: Engine
SubPart: Dump / Diverter Valves
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This kit contains a range of springs suitable for tuning many Forge Motorsport products such as the FMFSITVR and the FMFSITA used on the 1.4TSI and 2.0T FSI/TSI engines.
Four springs are included within the kit.

Valve Spring Colour Coding: *This information should only be considered as a guideline*
The weakest spring isGREEN,followed byYELLOW,BLUE, andREDwhich is the strongest.Depepending on the supplied original fitment, this represents an increase of25%,50%,75%,and100%respectively.

Note: Serious or fatal damage may occur to the engine and associated components if this product is incorrectly matched to the individual engine requirements.Forge Motorsport nor Awesome ltd. can assume any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the installation of this product.