ECS Tuning Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing Kit 2.0T-FSI (EA113)


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ECS Tuning Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing Kit 2.0T

Strong and durable so you never have to endure a cracked oil filter housing again

Hours and hours have been spent in the confines of our research and development sector in the attempt to create a new oil filter housing to solve the numerous issues that the stock plastic housing has been burdened with. Out of it came something that is a first in the automotive world for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, an oil filter housing made out of tough and durable aluminum.

In order to save weight and money, Volkswagen equipped their vehicles with a plastic oil filter housing that is a bit fragile to say the least. It can be cracked with minimal force while it’s being unscrewed and over tightened and damaged by incorrect tools. On top of that, the check valve in it can fail and cause oil leaks, which in turn, will make an absolute mess of your garage floor and cause long term damage to your engine due to low oil. Even trained professionals, who you would think would have the right tools, can damage them. All of this just to change your oil? There has to be a better way.

For years, people have been putting up with these issues but now, thanks to the experts at ECS Tuning, you can avoid them with this new Aluminum Filter Housing, the only product of its kind in the world. It will fit onto your 2.0T MKV, Golf R, EOS, B7 A4, A3 and the early 2.5 MKV and will make changing your oil a pleasant experience.

This part comes with the standard drain plug and it will allow you to remove it just like you drain your oil. No special tools are needed. Changing your oil filter has never been easier and cheaper as well, as this filter housing is less expensive than the stock unit, especially if you go through the dealer to buy replacements, as they can charge you up to £115 for a stock part that is clearly flawed.

This part was designed, produced and tested by the experts at ECS Tuning. Over the years, ECS has been striving to create quality aftermarket parts for affordable prices. These parts have been manufactured to the highest standards and were tested to ensure their performance and fitment. Don’t get stock with a stock oil filter housing that is a ticking time bomb during each filter change; replace it with this Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing Kit from ECS Tuning.

You always want to make sure you use the right tool when removing your filter housing, so be sure to pick up a 36 millimeter Socket.


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