ECS 6-Speed Clutch Bleeder Block – Mk5/6/7 Golf Type Chassis Etc


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ECS 6-Speed Clutch Bleeder Block – Mk5 Golf Type Chassis etc

Create a more agressive feeling clutch while improving durability with this new ECS clutch block

The new ECS Clutch Bleeder Block for six-speed manual transmissions is a quality replacement for the plastic restrictor (damper) installed at the factory. Unlike the plastic-bodied OE original, the ECS bleeder block is all aluminum, with a large metal speed bleeder for fast, one-man bleeding.

Good looks and superior materials aside, the new ECS Clutch Bleeder Block does not have the fluid restriction found in the original. Meant to dampen clutch engagement, the restriction softens clutch operation, a characteristic favored by the average driver.

For the not-so-average driver who wants a sportier driving experience, the unrestricted fluid passage in the ECS Clutch Bleeder Block means faster, firmer clutch engagement and disengagement.

Installation is a snap: the bleeder block comes complete with sealing o-rings and attachment clips.

Quality materials, improved performance, and easy installation all make this the ideal upgrade for professional technician and pro-sumer, alike.


Fits the following 6-speed Manual Vehicles
– Caddy 2K
– Golf Mk5
– Jetta Mk5
– Golf Mk6
– Jetta Mk6
– Scirocco

– A3 8P
– S3 8P
– A3 8V
– S3 8V
– TT Mk2
– TT Mk3

– Octavia Mk2
– Octavia Mk3
– Yeti

– Leon Mk2
– Leon Mk3


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