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034Motorsport Aluminum Valve Stem Cap Set


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Regular old plastic valve stem caps are bland and often can fly off in high-performance driving due to heat expansion. Add some flair to your wheels while keeping your valve stem protected from road grime and debris using the 034Motorsport Aluminum Valve Stem Cap Set!

With an all-aluminum construction, these caps will withstand high-heat settings with ease. Where OEM valve stem caps use a plastic knurled design which can be abrasive to a refined finger, the hexagonal shape of the 034Motorsport caps means you can use a standard wrench to properly torque your caps with your Snap-On tool set.

Torque Specs: 0 Ugga Dugga


  • Aluminum caps with a black satin finish
  • 034 Logo with a clear polyurethane dome to enhance as well as protect
  • O-ring seal
  • Designed to fit all standard automotive valve stems
  • Compatible with most tire pressure monitoring systems




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