RacingLine OEM+ and Performance Software is Here!

Surrey Tuning are proud to announce that we are a distributor and tuner for RacingLine Performance and OEM+ dealer. Offering high quality remapping for Volkswagen Audi Group vehicles in London, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Should you wish to become a RacingLine OEM+ dealer please get in touch.



The name reflects the investment that RacingLine have put in to developing software in a unique way – using OEM calibration techniques to deliver not only great power and beautiful torque increases, but also to uphold our responsibility to preserve the smoothest calibrations, within factory safety levels, whilst keeping economy good. It’s only by reprogramming the very basis of the controller itself that we can achieve the results we get – just as the manufacturers themselves work.

It’s what our engineers have been doing on our race, rally and track cars for the past 20 years, but taking this extensive experience and applying it to road cars.


Unique OEM Approach

Whereas most aftermarket tuners rely on some degree of trial and error to uplift a few variables in the standard map, our OEM+ approach is to start again from scratch and build each calibration up from there. Only by reprogramming the very basis of the controller itself can we achieve the results we get – just as the manufacturers themselves work.


Because we start from scratch for each calibration, OEM+ achieves a very different level of performance. For us, it’s never just about winding up the peak power. We spend much more engineering resource ensuring a rich spread of torque and beautifully smooth delivery whilst always respecting engine protection levels.


Through our manufacturer relationship, we are uniquely positioned to tap into a vast knowledge base and resources network. OEM+ software will never overstress the inherent hardware systems to the point of pushing turbochargers, cooling and other heat sensitive engine components beyond their intended limits.

Matched To Our Hardware Range

RacingLine’s Performance Parts range is the most complete on the market, and right from the outset of our OEM+ development, we have ensured that there is a perfect harmony between our hardware and software products. No other brand can offer you the reassurance of such a comprehensive ‘full-car’ tuning solution.


Our OEM+ Performance Software is the most effective modification you can make to a modern turbocharged engine. Every aspect of an engine’s behaviour is controlled by the calibration software installed on the Engine Control Unit (ECU), your car’s computer.

A vehicle’s factory software is developed to suit mass production.  And of course, as with anything mass-produced for a global market, there is a huge tolerance margin to ensure consistency in performance regardless of variables: criteria such as the country the car is used in, the fuel quality there, altitude, production tolerances and even simple marketing reasons to differentiate between a manufacturer’s different models.

All of which leaves us with a lot of headroom to rewrite each car type’s ECU calibration to set the engine’s true capabilities free.  It’s what we’ve been doing for two decades on our race and rally cars, but now refined for road.

Each new calibration dramatically increases power and torque levels throughout the rev-range, making for a noticeably quicker and more exciting drive. But through our all-important OEM+ approach to our recalibrations, we also spend as much time enhancing the driveability of your car, providing smooth, progressive power whilst always maintaining the extensive factory safety mechanisms.


Smooth, driveable, safe and fast.  These are our four key criteria to meet for every one of our OEM+ calibrations. Combining our unrivalled motorsport mapping experience with an in-depth understanding of the way that the manufacturer calibrates the car, cultivated over years of relationships cultivated with the OEM suppliers, we are fully confident that every OEM+ calibration delivers against these four criteria.

Many aftermarket remaps concentrate on ‘peak power’ numbers.  This is never the best way to choose a calibration for your car. Whilst every OEM+ calibration is highly competitive on its peak power numbers; this is only part of our development picture. As our motorsport experience has taught us, a fast car is always a driveable car – with a strong torque spread throughout the rev range, and a progressive power delivery profile.  As the laws of physics define, it’s the area under the curve that matters.

The all-important factory protection limits, set to deliver protection when extreme engine conditions are triggered, are of course all fully respected and maintained in each of our OEM+ calibrations – not something that lesser remaps can always claim…. OEM+ Performance Software will never overstress the inherent hardware systems to the point of pushing turbochargers and other heat sensitive engine components beyond their intended use to achieve “pub figures” that real world use will so often result in poor on track or on road performance.


The R&D sign-off process to develop each OEM+ calibration is amongst the most thorough in the world.

All OEM+ calibrations have been developed on both dynamometer and through extensive real-world field tests.  Calibrations are tested in all our major global markets before sign-off, bring great variances of altitudes, fuel octane quality, ambient temperature and even road conditions incorporated into our development process.

Track testing also forms a large part of our OEM+ development procedure, particularly for every higher-powered Stage 2 and above calibration.  There is still no real-world challenge greater than long track runs with one of our racing/test drivers, pushing oil and water temperatures to the max, and challenging each calibration with increasing intake temperatures.

Throughout each OEM+ calibration development, we have worked very hard to integrate our Performance Parts hardware range to work in perfect harmony on your car.  No other tuner can offer our range of carefully matched hardware and software for your peace of mind.

Unlike many, the OEM+ delivery mechanism allows the car to be returned to ‘true stock’ at any time.  This feature also allows us to overwrite any other aftermarket calibrations, by first putting the car back to standard.


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